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Improve your memory by reading and remembering short stories sent to your inbox

We write short stories for you on the fly. About one or two sentences long. And send you an email now and then asking you to read them. To then do your best to remember the names and places given in the stories.

Once you've read a story, a quick test of two questions will be sent your inbox within a random period of time. The test will reward you points if you remember the story correctly. You will notice that your short-term memory will get better and beter by doing these tests on a daily basis.

Why don't you try it yourself? You can get your first story within minutes from now.

You can try MemoryMailer at no cost for 30 days. No credit card required. Once your free trial expires you may upgrade your account for $3.99 USD paid on a monthly basis. By entering your email address and accessing our services, you hereby agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.